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Post  Ethan Allen on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:22 am

Account Name: Ethan Allen
Main Character: Rob Deerdeck
Real Life Name: Ethan Allen
Real Life Age:14
Country You Live In: Ontario
State : Canada
Time Zone: Eastern
Do you use Skype? : Yes ethan.allen13

Are you currently a member of our staff here at Dice Roleplay? (IE: Vent Admin, Forum Admin, GameMaster, Etc.) No
Are you currently, or have you ever been a member of staff at any other MTA Server? Yes
Have you ever played any other servers (Maybe someone will know you better from there) ? MTA:RP.
Do you know any of our staff personally, that we can contact for a personal referral for you? Yes, AAron and Chris and NiTrO

Have you ever Hacked, Attacked, or DDOSed any game before? No

What makes you feel qualified to be an admin vs. everyone else here at Dice Roleplay? (Long Answer) Because I have experience in other servers and i have very good roleplay, Since i have been on the server alot of the gamemasters and admins are not very good. so i would like to help I will accept any reports and i am very active.

If you are given admin, What is one of your goals to Better, Correct, or Focus on? (Long Answer) I want to be that good admin that everyone likes and that helps out alot.
If you have more than one, Go as long as you'd like!

Do you posses any skills that may make you useful here? (IE: management of MTA Servers, or PHP language) I have run my own server before.. I can map and script and I have very good english

Please Restate Three of our Rules, and describe in your own words what they mean:
1. Meta Gaming: /pm 3 hey jason meet me at IGS okay? /pm 4 Ok be there in a min
2. Power gaming: /me Dodges the bullets doing 3 backflips jumping in the air shooting the man
3. Abusing: Hmmm.. I dont wanna walk to IGS so im going to fly. or Spawning guns ect.

Now, Take those three rules, and tell me what you would do if someone broke those rules. (These do no determine if you are admin or not, they simply determine your skill level)
1. 1st Offense: Give them a warning then if they do it again i will ban them
1. 2nd Offense: Make them re roleplay it with a Non Pg /me.
1. 3rd Offense: Demote them.

Any additional information you would like to add to your application? Uhn not really but if you have any more questopns i listed my skype name up there.

Would you be willing to share any personal info: (IE: MSN, email, Cell #, Etc.) Yes.

If you are not accepted for admin, would you like this application to be forwarded and considered for GM instead? For sure.

Do you agree that providing False information on this application will result in permanent ban of all of your accounts at our community? Yes

Ethan Allen

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Ethan Allen Administer Aplication Empty Welcoem to the team

Post  Troy1996 on Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:59 pm

Your Accpted As a trial admin welcome to the team Form Co-owner Aaron Jackson

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