Ethan Allen Gun License Application

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Ethan Allen Gun License Application

Post  Ethan Allen on Sun Jan 27, 2013 9:44 am

Tick one of the following:

[ ]$25,000 || Los Santos Police Department
[ ]$05,000 || Government of Los Santos (Self-Sponsered)
[ ]$00,000 || San Andreas Police Department (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos Emergency Services (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || First Court of San Andreas

[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos International Airport (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$10,000 || San Andreas Network
[ ]$05,000 || Hex Tow 'n Go (SAPD Sponsership)

[ ]$25,000 || Standard Firearm License (Civilian)


Phase I - General Information

Full Name: Ethan Allen
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Phone Number: 519 709 3342

[B]1. Why are you applying for a firearm Permit? Because i need it for pprotection ig

[B]2. What will you use these firearms for? Protecting myself if im being robbed

[B]3. If accepted, where will you store this firearm? At my house in a safe.

[B]4.Please explain a situation where you would pull out your firearm. Im walking down the street on a nice day to go to the store or just for a walk and a few gangsters stop me and pull out some knifes and are ready to kill me thats when i will pull it out to scare them away.

[B]5. Please explain a situation where you would not pull your firearm out, but call 911. When a guy with an M4 comes at me i run away hide pull out my cell and call you guys

Ethan Allen

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Post  Chris_Emeral on Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:09 am

Remember pay money in Game


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