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Post  Take2 on Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:51 am

Faction Name: FBLS
Type: Government

Reason of Application:
Im looking to Lead and put the Bank on fuction because the bank need to be a Big Role in Los Santos Economy, Im in FBLS but i dont see the bank is in Fuction they members are getting money without work for it :/ i study how to Run a bank and Double the Base Money

Special Request: Need new scripts for Pay Day
Details: Like if someone take a loan to buy a Property, The bank will buy it but he needs to pay it back
How: Depends of the player Deposite Money, Work and Property Cost, We will take it form his Pay Day
Property Cost $10.000, Pay Back with interest of 5% = $10.500
Deposite Money Interest, Work Slip - Taxes = Gross Income: $1.700- $650 (-taxes) = $1.050 Final Total = Is real Gross Total
Now will intruduce "Loan Pay Back" in his Pay Day because the Property is still of the bank need to pay back to complety own the place.

Old Gross Income: $1.050
Loan Pay Back Remaining: $10.500
Loan Pay Back: -$210

Real Gross Income: $840
Loan Pay Back Remaining: $10.290

In other words he need to pay back 50 x $210 = Loan + Interest ($10.500)
Loan cmds: /issueloan [player name/id] [loan pay back] [how much paydays] [loan]
Example /issueloan 1 210 50 10500
The [loan] is not necesary
I think this script can be done will be hard but it is a master one Smile would like to hear back soon

And i want to be The Leader of First Bank of Los Santos
~In-game name: Dani Daniel
~Account name: xTake2


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