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Post  eleader on Thu Jan 31, 2013 9:07 am

Account Name: eleader
Main Character: Jamey Force
Real Life Name: Jimmy Force
Real Life Age: 21
Country You Live In: Morroco
State (USA only):
Time Zone: -4GMT
Do you use Skype? : I dont use Skype..

Are you currently a member of our staff here at Dice Roleplay? No.
Are you currently, or have you ever been a member of staff at any other MTA Server? Yes, Head Admin.Yes
Have you ever played any other servers (Maybe someone will know you better from there) ?Yes

Do you know any of our staff personally, that we can contact for a personal referral for you?Yes Aaron and Jason de beer and Chris emeral

Have you ever Hacked, Attacked, or DDOSed any game before? No.

What makes you feel qualified to be an admin vs. everyone else here at Dice Roleplay? Im super active Smily

If you are given admin, What is one of your goals to Better, Correct, or Focus on? To focus on the players to Increase the playerbase thearting them good, with patient and
my final goal is to be Head Admin.

Do you posses any skills that may make you useful here? Im good as admin, Im admin in other server Co Owner

Please Restate Three of our Rules, and describe in your own words what they mean:
1. Metagaming, - You cant mix OOC with IC like, I know you OOC but IC'ly not Example: ((Sup Dayle nice car)) IC'ly dont know him, it would be like this, "Wow this car is sweet dude where did you bought it? Ha whats your name bro?"
2. Powergaming, - You need to give the player a change to react back and protect his self of try to example: /me attempts to fist Bob Dayle in the face. /do S/F?
3. Deathmaching, - Useing a gun and kill peoples without a decent reason !

Now, Take those three rules, and tell me what you would do if someone broke those rules.

1. 1st Offense:Jail
1. 2nd Offense:Jail.
1. 3rd Offense:Jail,

2. 1st Offense:Longer Jail Time
2. 2nd Offense:Longer Jail Time
2. 3rd Offense:Longer Jail Time

3. 1st Offense: Kick or Ban, depends of what and how him/her
3. 2nd Offense: Kick or Ban, depends of what and how him/her Talks to admin
3. 3rd Offense: Kick or Ban, depends of what and how him/her

Any additional information you would like to add to your application?

Would you be willing to share any personal info: Yes

If you are not accepted for admin, would you like this application to be forwarded and considered for GM instead?
Im sure my Application will be accepted soon

Do you agree that providing False information on this application will result in permanent ban of all of your accounts at our community? Yes


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