Format for Requesting a Faction

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Format for Requesting a Faction Empty Format for Requesting a Faction

Post  Chris_Emeral on Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:07 pm

Format for Requesting a Faction

So you want to become a faciton..

First we require you to RP as an un official faction before we will even consider you to be official..

Official status is awarded if your RP Standard is high enough, and your faction is active.

You need to be played on Dice Server 20h to make Faction!

Make a new thread with the following information about your faction, and it will remain until you are reviewed.
  • Name of your Faciton
  • Detailed Description of your faction
  • Pictures of your faction members RPing are a Plus
  • Is your faction Goverment,Law,Medic,Gang,Mafia or Other?


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