Jesse Nick - Sandking and Hotring Racer - $135,000

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Jesse Nick - Sandking and Hotring Racer - $135,000

Post  Xanderlee2000 on Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:55 am

Account name: Xanderlee2000
Character name: Jesse Nick
Vehicle(s) you are requesting: Sandking and a hotring racer.
Vehicle type(s) (street legal,illegal,aircraft, etc): Sandking = street legal. Hotring Racer = street illegal
Vehicle price(s): Sandking = 75,000. Hotring Racer = 60,000
Desired vehicle color: I shoose them my self.
What are you planning to use it for?: Sandking to drive on the streets... and the hotring Racer to race on the streets...


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