Roman Sky - Gun license.

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Roman Sky - Gun license. Empty Roman Sky - Gun license.

Post  zFrenzyHD on Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:26 am

CENTER]Roman Sky - Gun license. 214s8bm[/CENTER]

Tick one of the following:

[ ]$25,000 || Los Santos Police Department
[ ]$05,000 || Government of Los Santos (Self-Sponsered)
[ ]$00,000 || San Andreas Police Department (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos Emergency Services (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$05,000 || First Court of San Andreas

[ ]$05,000 || Los Santos International Airport (SAPD Sponsership)
[ ]$10,000 || San Andreas Network
[ ]$05,000 || Hex Tow 'n Go (SAPD Sponsership)

[X]$25,000 || Standard Firearm License (Civilian)


Phase I - General Information

Full Name: Roman Sky
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Phone Number: # No cellphone yet, i am new in the town.


Phase II - Extended Information

1. Why are you applying for a firearm Permit? Because these streets ain't safe around Los Santos.

2. What will you use these firearms for? For protection in the nights when im out drinking or visiting my family members.

3. If accepted, where will you store this firearm? I will of course store it in a locked box in my house unless im going out then in a belt or in my car.

4.Please explain a situation where you would pull out your firearm. ((Long Answer - 50 words)) If a criminal were to jump me and would be like "Give me your monay!!" then i would pull my gun on him to keep him away from me for enough time that i could make a run out of it.

5. Please explain a situation where you would not pull your firearm out, but call 911. ((Long Answer - 50 words))


Phase III - Summarized Agreement
By filling out this application you AGREE to not misuse the firearms in any way. You also understand that your criminal history will be checking into to verify that your not a convicted felon.


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Roman Sky - Gun license. Empty Accepted

Post  Chris_Emeral on Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:37 am

Gun License Accepted Take Contact Whit Admin in Game. And Remember pay your Gun License.


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